Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor Review

Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor Review

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Quick Overview






  • Good response and refresh times
  • High quality visuals
  • Excellent stand


  • Speakers could be improved
  • HDMI ports have some issues

Are you tired of gaming or watching content on a subpar computer screen? Basic computer monitors usually don’t cut it when it comes to high-intensity gaming or HD movie watching. They don’t respond fast enough, their capabilities are minimal, and they just don’t look right.

However, there are some really nice gaming monitors out there. Sure, you might have to spend a couple extra bucks for a nice monitor, but an option like the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor is definitely worth the investment.

Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor Review

The Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor is a fairly large and very high-quality gaming monitor that comes with a number of features to better your gaming experience and also decrease eye fatigue. It’s a fairly affordable gaming monitor, all things considered.

Who is this product for?

The Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor is a perfect product for anybody who loves console and PC gaming, and loves to do so for hours on end. It’s a really high-quality item with a great display, tons of features, and a high level of adjustability. You can use the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor with consoles and computers alike.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor, you get a 24-inch 1080P full HD gaming monitor that comes complete with an ergonomic and adjustable stand. What is also nice is that you get the VGA and HDMI cables included, so you do not have to buy those separately. Keep in mind that there is a lot of tech specially designed to help combat eye fatigue when gaming.

Overview of features

The Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor has a lot of features to talk about, so let’s get right to it. For one, this is a 24 inch 1080P full HD gaming monitor. It’s quite a large size for a monitor, especially considering that you probably won’t be sitting more than several feet away from it.

What is cool about the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor is that it comes with a DC in port, an Audio In/Out port, a VGA port, and 2 HDMI ports as well. In other words, you can connect this thing to virtually any computer or video gaming system. Even better is that it has dual HDMI functionality, so you can connect 2 consoles or computers at once, and just switch back and forth between them.

The Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor comes with GameFast Input Technology for a 1 millisecond response time for super-fast frame rates and a great overall gaming experience. The AMD FreeSync technology also helps to prevent lagging and choppy frame rates for a really immersive and constant gaming experience. You won’t miss your target in that FPS due to lag when using this monitor, this much is for certain.

The ASUS game visual tech used here comes with 6 different display modes for a variety of content, plus it features an ASUS exclusive hotkey for quick game enhancements and adjustments.

To help prevent fatigue and to keep your eyes in top condition when gaming for hours on end, the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor features an ergonomically designed stand for the ideal viewing position, plus it has blue light monitors and four different blue light filters. Moreover, it also features ASUS eye care flicker-free technology to avoid low brightness levels that lead to LED flickering, which is tiring for the eyes.


The Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor is really not very hard to use at all. Simply use the VGA or HDMI cables to connect it to your PC or gamin console of choice. There are honestly way too many settings and adjustable features to cover here, but these are all things which you can find in the instruction manual. Just choose the settings that work best for you and get to gaming. For more information on this item, check out the video below.


If for whatever reason you are not a big fan of the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor, there are some alternatives which you can check out. One such option is the ASUS VG278Q 27″ Full HD 1080p G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor. Simply put, this is just a bigger, better, upgraded, and more expensive version of the gaming monitor which we reviewed here today. If you are a hardcore gamer, this might be the better option to keep in mind.


When all the facts have been taken into account, the Asus VG245H HD Gaming Monitor makes for a really nice gaming monitor. For what it is and the quality which it brings to your gaming experience, it is actually quite affordable too.

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