Gaming Monitor vs. Normal Monitor

Gaming Monitor vs. Normal Monitor

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If you are a gamer, or are looking to really get into video gaming, you might have taken a look at the various monitors you can buy. There are standard monitors which you can buy, often those that come with computers, and then there are specialized gaming monitors.

You might think that a normal monitor will do just fine for your gaming needs, but when it comes to the gaming monitor vs. the normal monitor, do you really know what the differences are? Little hint, there are some big differences.

Resolution and Detail

One of the biggest differences that you will notice when it comes to this gaming monitor vs. normal monitor debate is the screen resolution and the detail you can see. A normal monitor that you get with your computer might have a resolution of 720P, or maybe 1080P; this is considered high definition, and the pixel count is pretty decent, but still nothing when compared to a gaming monitor.

Resolution and Detail

The newest gaming monitors are 4K or ultra-high definition monitors, and they have millions of additional pixels when compared to a normal monitor. This means being able to see everything in much greater detail and with increased clarity. It’s the difference between thinking that a tree and a guy wearing camouflage are the same thing, versus actually being able to tell them apart.

A real gaming monitor will allow you to see little details with great clarity, such as feathers hairs, and the texture of clothing or the bricks of a house.

Refresh Rates and Response Times

Another big difference between a normal monitor and a gaming monitor has to do with the image refresh rates and refresh times. The refresh times and response rates are closely linked together and it is all about how fast an individual pixel can change from one image to another, and how fast the color can change. A normal monitor might have a refresh rate of 60 Hz with a response rate of 15 milliseconds (ms).

This is perfectly fine if you are playing a low-grade online computer game, surfing the web, or just messing around on your computer. However, when it comes to hardcore gaming, especially fast-paced first person shooters, this just won’t cut muster. There are really great displays for gaming which have refresh rates as high as 240 Hz with response rates of 1 ms.

What it comes down to is that normal monitor just cannot handle the speed of change which most modern games bring to the table. A normal monitor will be blurry when there are fast movements; it will be choppy; you might be able to see blur lines; and it will just lag in general.

Due to the much better response times and refresh rates of gaming monitors, the action in your game will be much smoother, more fluid, and it won’t suffer from lag or blur lines.

The Modern Curve

It might be a bit of a play on words, but did you know that many high-class and modern gaming monitors are curved? You are probably aware that the average monitor is flat, which is fine for some purposes. However, the modern gaming monitor has a curved screen, one that kind of surrounds you as you play. This allows you to be much more fully immersed in your game, and it provides you with somewhat of a panoramic gaming experience. Not all gaming monitors are curved, but the really good ones definitely are.

The Modern Curve

The Stand

Another thing to keep in mind is that your normal monitor might have a height adjustment feature, but that is usually about it. On the other hand, a gaming monitor will usually allow you to adjust its height, the tilt, and the angle, thus allowing for a much better gaming experience, one that does not make your neck hurt after just a couple hours of playing.


The last thing to think about, which should be pretty obvious, is that a normal monitor can be purchased for as little as $100, which is because in the grand scheme of things, they are nothing too special. On the other hand, a high end gaming monitor, one with excellent resolution and awesome refresh rates and response times, can cost you several thousand dollars.


There you have it – the normal monitor is fine for general use, but for gaming, if you are serious, you will want to invest a bit extra and get a good-quality gaming monitor.

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